Why is my CMS inventory not aligning with my website's product availability?

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I am having issues with product availability on the site matching what is listed in the CMS.


There have been a number of times where a customer has got in touch to ask  "When will you have say 7 of this product available in stock again".


I have more than enough in stock listed but the website is stating that there is only 5 available when the customer goes to purchase.


Thankfully this customer and a few others have emailed to ask but I am sure there are others that have not bothered and looked else where with me none the wiser about it.


They have asked their partners to do it on their device and its worked fine so it seems that it could be browser related or just a glitch at that time. I have tried to recreate the scenario but it works fine for me meaning I can't see what the issue is.


I spoke to Shopify and they say they cant see any issues and there is nothing wrong with the site, it's working fine. The solution is wait 24/48 to see if it happens again and to take screen shots. 


I have provided screenshots showing the issue so I'm not sure how doing the exact same thing will suddenly show case the issue. 

Orders - Antique rose.png


Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 17.05.57.png


Has anyone had the same issue with their website and was there a solution? I am using brooklyn theme.





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Hi Matthew,


We have the same troubles, what was the solution for this issue?