Why is my SSL still pending after two weeks on my new store?

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Hello dear sellers,

I am new to Shopify and have built my store. It is almost finished, but at the moment, I still have the problem that it says "SSL pending". A guide said that it might need up to 48 hours, but since I have connected my domain, 2 weeks are already over. The shop has a password at the moment and I'm using the Standardplan. A new domain has already been saved and is successfully connected to the store. Any ideas why SSL is still pending?

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Hi, @Denny101!


I’m Helen from Shopify Support. Thanks for your question and your patience; The SSL most definitely should have provisioned for your domain within 48 hours of connecting it. So, let’s get to the bottom of this for you!


Did you purchase your domain through Shopify? Or is it being hosted by a third party site?


If it is being hosted off of Shopify, please login to your domain host account and check that your DNS settings are as follows to ensure that the SSL is not being blocked:


  • Only one A Record is setup, and it needs to point to
  • Must have a CNAME pointing to
  • Remove any AAAA Records and CAA Records 
  • Disable DNSSEC for your domain

For assistance with checking or editing these parameters, please reach out to your domain provider directly, and allow up to 48 hours for your domain to fully propagate after any changes are made.


For a domain being hosted by Shopify, please check the same DNS settings from your Shopify admin by going to ‘Online Store > Domains > Manage > DNS Settings. Let me know if you need a hand with this.


Keep me updated with how it all goes. Once you have confirmed that your DNS settings are correct feel free to reply back to this thread with your domain name, and I am happy to look further into it from my end to be sure we get it all connected up properly before you remove the password from your storefront.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi, @hazem1995! Thanks for checking in about this.


Do you recall what the additional A and AAAA records are for in your DNS settings? Most commonly, SSL errors are due to multiple A Records or AAAA Records in your DNS Settings. Therefore, if records 2-9 are not intentional, then yes those are the ones to remove. 


Who is your domain host? If you have any doubt about the functionality of your DNS setting, I suggest first contacting your domain provider to determine if those records are needed. If advised to remove them, please wait up to 48 hours after doing so for the changes to take effect and your SSL certificate to provision.


If your SSL is still pending 48 hours after making any changes (or if advised not to remove records 2-9), the next step is to attempt to have the SSL certificates provisioned from our end. In order to do so, we’ll need to access your account. At this time, account-specific support via the Shopify Community is unavailable, so please visit our contact page, and log in to your account to create a support request for live chat, callback or email assistance.


To save some time and help the Support Advisor you speak with pick up where we’ve left off, I am going to provide you with a summary of the issue as I understand it. Please share this summary at the beginning of your conversation in order to proceed with the next steps as quickly as possible:


“My domain’s SSL has been pending for longer than 48 hours. I have confirmed with my domain provider that 
the DNS settings are correct, therefore I am requesting for you to manually provision the SSL certificate.”


I'm marking this reply as “Solved” for the benefit of anyone else who also needs a Support Advisor to assist with these same next steps. Thanks!

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