Why is our webshop performing poorly on Facebook's Android in-app browser?

Why is our webshop performing poorly on Facebook's Android in-app browser?

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We have noticed that our webshop performs very poorly when opened inside Facebook Android app.

It seems that Facebook Android app uses a custom in-app browser, that is not the same one used by most other apps. Most apps use Android default WebView browser that is based on Chrome.
Facebook's in-app browser doesn't have any developer or debug options, so we have no way of determining what is causing the issue.
We tried turning off all of our code injections like Hotjar and GTAG, but it didn't affect the performance at all.
We also tried contacting Facebook's support for help, but they haven't given us any useful information...

Does anyone know of some way of finding out what is causing the tremendous speed and performance?
Our webshop is built on Debut theme with Shogun builder.

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Hi @CircuitMess


There is a concept of content_header object in Shopify which you can find in theme.liquid file. This is responsible for loading all the useful scripts like gtag, analytics, Facebook, fonts, and the likewise provided by Shopify. 


All scripts of an app are loaded by this object and if you try to apply lazy load techniques then you can easily boost the performance of your store. 


As Shopify experts, our team can help you to set up a lazy load feature in your Shopify store. Let us know if we can be of any help to you!


All the best, 

Team CedCommerce. 

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Hi @CircuitMess 


We are facing the same issue as well. Can you please update us on whether you were able to resolve this issue and if yes, how?