Why is there empty space below the footer on my website pages?

Why is there empty space below the footer on my website pages?

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I have noticed we have a section at the bottom of our website (specifically I have noticed it on our product pages) below our footer where it just appears white. I think that this could possibly correlate with the length of the drop down menus we have on our website but can't be sure on this. I have tried different methods of changing the drop down menus to have multiple columns instead of one/two long ones, and the best we've got is the current solution of it only working on a few drop downs. Each page has a different result, some having a larger white space below the footer than others, but can only assume this is due to a difference in inclusions on specific pages. We have also noticed on some pages that 2 scroll bars appear on the right of the page, one scrolling to the bottom of the website to the footer, and then the other scroll bar scrolls past the footer to the empty white space.


Screenshot 2023-10-15 112603.png


Any help on a reason why the empty space below the footer is showing, or help with our drop down menus would be appreciated, we aren't happy with the way it makes the website look unfinished/messy.


Any possible solutions we are grateful for!


Theme: Fresh

Website: KStars.co.uk


Thanks in advance!

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Validate your themes html for the bugged pages urls https://validator.w3.org/  versus the working page urls, versus a new copy of the theme(same version) .

Get a new copy of the theme(same version) assign the same menus and check if the behavior is a bug in the theme. If bug isn't there in new theme , diff the old theme versus the new theme to find changes and try to identify any offending missing/extra code, or customizations, etc.


If you need this debugged and fixed for you then contact me by mail for debugging services.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.
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