Why isn't the DAWN widget enlarging gallery images properly on my product page?

Why isn't the DAWN widget enlarging gallery images properly on my product page?

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I have faced an issue while creating my website on DAWN widget.


While using photo's 700px x 700px on product page DAWN allows to create lightbox which enlarge photos to gallery, meanwhile it is not working as intented. 


On provided screens you can see on fullscreen photos are damaged due to quality loss, but it also does not work on mobile's, on which photo seems like to reset to it's natural size or enlarge ( i see some quality loss as well)

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-05 225339.png

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-05 225256.png

 the outcome i would like to achieve with photo's automatically adjusting to size of screen. Can someone tell me which folder is responsible for enlarging them to onclick gallery? I have been trying to solve it myself without resolution for past 2 weeks.

The outcome i want works on small laptops or monitors and looks like that 


 my website



pass: aumaid


on every product it happens, but you need to get into product page. 

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Answering  to tips you have added above.


my photos are exactly the size you have described ( 700px x 700px or larger )


issue persist on mobile's and on fullscreen ( while using 16 inches screen i can see that, when scaling down gallery behaves well but  until it reaches point of mobile screens ) 


i have tried to change it myself in code without effect 


Unfortunately, DAWN widget does not have support options to customize it from panel.


i have no third party programs or extensions that could interfere with sizes