Why won't my mobile store speed improve despite optimizations?

Why won't my mobile store speed improve despite optimizations?

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Hi all!

No matter what I do, optimize images etc my mobile store speed doesn't seem to change! I believe the Impulse theme comes with lazy loading built in and I just can't see what else I can do in order to reduce the loading time on mobile. 

Desktop seems to be fine!



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Hi, I'll list some of the things you can do improve your score, some of these might be easy to do, some might be harder to do, depending on your familiarity with coding and Shopify.

I'm not going to get too detailed into each improvement, as this is free advice.


1. Preload your hero image, this should help with Largest Contentful Paint metric.

2. Make your styles non render blocking and add critical css, this will help First contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint

3.Your placeholder images that your lazyloading over are too larger, consider smaller ones, or consider using a blank base64 image. See this thread: https://community.shopify.com/c/Online-Store-Speed/Shopify-Analyzer-from-Speedboostr/m-p/938340#M586

4. Are you using klaviyo on the homepage? if not, consider not loading it on the homepage.


If you apply those, you should see some improvement in your score.

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Hi @Esquibb96 

Welcome to the Shopify community!

Jay this side from Oakleaf Infoway, First I would like to tell you Theme doesn't been a factor for lower loading speed.

The second thing is your website page loading average speed is 3.2 sec on the 4g LTE connection. It doesn't much poor.

you should try this app https://avada.io/shopify/app/progressify-me-ampify-me.html#about-app

Obviously, we can't compare this with the coding skills but probably you will get better results through this app.

Let me know if it will not work. 

Email ID& Skype ID: jay@oakleafinfoway.net

Wish you a good luck


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Hello I am also having same problem. I want to increase website speed on mobile but I don't know where to make changes. I have resized the images still I am having problem in extra CSS. 

My Website is - https://bellavitaorganic.com/

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Hi @Esquibb96 , it’s PageFly here and after browsing through your store and checked it on PageSpeed Insights. Here’s the results


By looking at the results, there are several actions you may take to cope with the situation:

1. Change all of your image to JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP file instead of leaving it as JPEG and PNG file

2. Remove any unnecessary JS code. You can find a page builder like PageFly which provide you with clean code and easy-to-use styling to create what you want to your store, but simplify the process.

3. Delete unused apps in your Shopify Store. Having them in your store can tremendously weigh down your loading speed.

Hope that this is somewhat helpful for you in building your store. Good luck!

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Maybe you could use this feedback, in a video form:


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