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How to extent header hyperlinks and text

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Dear Community,

I am struggling adding more than just "one text with hyperlink" to our header (see picture below). Our domain is

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I would love to have in my header more information text such as: "Free delivery for all our Swiss customers" + (all hyperlinked) "About us" + "Blog" + "Shop Now". (see example from another webpage below)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-03 um 12.23.53.png

Thank you so much for your help!

All the best,


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@MarcMueller – what I would do is the following:

  • Set up a new "Navigation"-menu (under Online Store > Navigation) to be able to modify the link-list through the backend. Note the ID of that new navigation menu.
  • Modify the code that renders the announcement bar(should be in sections/announcement.liquid in your Prestige theme) to render the items of that link-list instead of that announcement link and finally modify the styles accordingly to make it look great.

Hope this helps!

PS: If you want someone to help making that modification in a sustainable way, you can write me directly anytime.

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