orders/updated webhook payload missing admin_graphql_api_id on line_items

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The docs for orders/create and orders/updated shows that the payload should contain an admin_graphql_api_id field on each line_item. However, the graphql id only exists on the orders/create payload. It is missing for line items on the orders/updated payload. Not only is this inconsistent, but its a problem because store owners can edit an order and add a new line item. If the line item were part of the initial order on create then we could grab the graphql id. But if the item is added when editing an order then we don't have that data. Yes, the graphql id can be built using the line_item id, but docs also state not to do this because the format of the graphql id could change. 


Can anyone confirm this behavior? If a bug, is there a better place to report this? Thanks.

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I have the same problem. I noticed that it is missing.

Will it be added?

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I'm experiencing the same problem, did you find a solution?

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No reply or action from Shopify, and no official solution. My work around was to build the GraphQL ID using the legacyResourceId. This currently works, but may not be a valid solution in the future.