Reordering products in a collection doesn't trigger a collection/update webhook

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Hello there 👋

We are keen to use the manual sort order in Shopify collections, and tried to grab the order of products when a product is reordered inside of a manual collection.

However it seems that reordering products doesn't trigger the collections/update webhook.

Is this a bug or indeed intended behaviour?

Appreciate any information.

Thank you, Zoran.

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello Zoran,


That's a good question! It is the intended behaviour: collections/update webhooks are not triggered when the products are manually re-ordered but rather when the collection is modified: like changing the sort order (newest, oldest, title, etc) or anything related to the collection itself.





Cedric | Developer @ Shopify

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Hey @cdarne 

Thanks for the swift reply.

Couple of follow up questions:

1. Is there any plan to make reordering a product a feature and trigger the webhook in the future?

2. What is a recommendation to get the order of products frequently on your end?


With number 2, polling will most likely get mentioned in which case:

3. How can polling be efficient/quick if we are dealing with large enterprise client on Plus with 500+ collections and 10k plus products?


Cheers, Zoran.