The read_only_own_orders - Still sends Webhooks for other channel orders?

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We have read the three existing posts that touch on the subject.

And it is clearly stated that once this permission is applied to a Sales Channel App it should only get webhooks and have access to Orders by that channel alone.

We actually observe a different behaviour - we are getting webhooks for orders of other channels although we have made sure with the Partner support that we have the `read_only_own_orders` scope applied to our app.

We have subscribed to the following topics:


And we at least got notification for the 2nd topic, probably also for the 1st.

Is that by design? Potentially a misconfiguration on our behalf?

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Agreed, our sales channel also receives webhooks for every order, not just ours. `read_only_own_orders` is correctly applied, and we can't read these orders via the API, but Shopify is sending us complete information about them anyway.