Webhook version update not working as expected

Webhook version update not working as expected

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Hi there!


As we are in the process to roll out the changes upgrading to the latest API version, we noticed an unexpected behaviour while we validated the changes, in particular with the webhooks integration.

We configured in the App Settings Page of our staging app to use the latest version as you can see in this image:



However, when we get the webhooks information via API, we still see that the existing webhooks are configured with the old version, even after removing it and creating it again:


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 18.19.28.png


 It's not just a visual issue, since we are checking the X-Shopify-Api-Version header in the call received in our end and it contains the value "2019-04".


We also tried with new brand integrations and the results are the same. Based on the documentation and in the API response, we understand that parameter cannot be set manually nor updated, it's based on the configuration mentioned on top.


We don't know what else to do here and all we find in the documentation points to the same configuration that doesn't work for us.


Please let us know if we are doing anything wrong or misinterpreting the docs!




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We did a few tests to see if we can re-produce this but weren't able to so we'll need to look into your webhook subscriptions specifically to see if we can help out. Would you be able to DM me your shop name so I can take a look?



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Hi all! What was the resolution for this?

Seeing the same thing now: we successfully bumped from 2020-10 to 2021-01, but how we seem to be stuck, and cannot bump the webhook version higher or lower: the webhook headers still say 2021-01.