What are best practice patterns to avoid cyclical / recursive webhook triggering

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Say i have a node app that syncs customer data between Shopify and a 3rd party.
This app listens for Shopify customer webhooks (create, update, delete) to update the 3rd party and vice-versa

As is, when the 3rd party sends a webhook, my app updates customer data in Shopify. All is good. BUT that triggers a shopify customer updated webhook which my app is also subscribing to, triggering an update the other way which isn't necessary.

What would be the best practices to avoid cyclically triggering each other's webhooks? I'm trying as much as possible to keep my app stateless, but i want to make sure I didnt miss anything that might allow me to perform API operations that won't trigger a particular webhook (?). before going into caching and adding logic in the app to determine should a webhook be passed on or not.

Much appreciated!

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