4% Conversion rate down to .1 within 5 days, what gives??

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Over the last few days I ran a very succesfull campaign on facebook, raising over 4,500 gross profit from Tuesday-Saturday with about $800 in sales each day. Now, on Sunday and Monday, I have the same amount of traffic, but almost NO conversions. Today I raised only $190, a fraction of what I had the previous week. What's frustrating is that the traffic is still amazing, but the conversions aren't happening. What could be happening?


P.S, I'm still running my ads non stop, could I be overselling my market? My audience is about 1,000,000 strong.

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Google analytics may explain why

Would like to share my experiences. When conversion drops, I will define if it is a traffic problem or conversion rate problem, using google analytics. When I can define exactly it is either traffic or conversion, I will break them into small and see which source/channel are perform worse.

I just came across these articles, that may perfectly fit your situation

They are all about using Google Analytics find out why you do not make any sales. Really good technique!

I also have a look at your site and would love to suggest some elements that you can add to increase conversion rate:

  • A button on hero banner. So if people love the product on hero banner, they can click right away
  • Testimonial, customer review in product pages
  • Trust badge in product page - Increase your trustworthy

If you think you oversell your market, you can test other market but using a small landing page with a small amount money. Advertising a landing page will be more focused, less money & time consuming than advertising whole website.

I suggest you use a Page Builder to do that. I use PageFly Page Builder to create landing page and test the market. About 25 elements, quite flexible and enough for me. But the important thing is that it integrate Google Analytics Tracking code in all elements so I can track conversion rate easily.

Hope it helps ;)


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