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about winning product and pixel

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I want to ask,"how to find a winning product"
The 1st step.
A. make several general products on 1 site. then run ads on Facebook use pixels, of all general products. and we take products that have sales, after we find a niche/winning product.

then the next step: Do we have to make new ads with new pixels? / Do we just continue the ads that are already running by using the same pixel?
and for the niche product website do we have to create a new website for the 1 niche product?
is that good if we only use 1pixel for all general product and all niche product?

which one better? every niche have their own pixel / all product,all niche only using 1pixel.

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Hello @baffaro 

You can use the below shopify apps to make better use of facebook pixels We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi thanks. But i want to know first about my question. Thanks

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@baffaro We have a list of winning products in our catalog we always update them every week. You can check our site to know more about our dropshipping services.

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