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Aliexpress did not Accept My Credit Card

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I need any advice from anyone who has had problem with payment with Aliexpress. I have bought items in the past with my card. About two days ago I received a notification that my payment fail and was told to submit identity verification with driver license and bank card. After doing all that, still I was not verified and approved to make payment. Any suggestion about a way out?

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Hello @leisure 


Normally it takes 1 week.  Meanwhile please contact their live chat support.   They will escalate the issue.


But do not open a new Aliexpress account or try payment with some other card.   Wait till the issue sorted out. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @leisure 

It often takes one week for verification, If it lasts longer, you should contact Aliexpress center for supporting.

Hope it helps!

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