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Aliexpress Images and Fashion Model Images Copyrights

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Hello Everyone! I am very new to Dropshipping & Shoptify business for Woman Clothing via Oberlo + Aliexpress, I have been doing tons of research but I cannot find the legal answer to three questions below, if anyone can help me out it will be fantastic! I am worried about getting copyrighted or sued therefore is searching for an answer. 




1. Aliexpress Clothing product images that contains Models or Instagram influencers - is it legal to use these images on my shoptify store? (I have contacted some supplier directly, they said I can use it - but I would like to know if this is really legal as pictures listed have known instagram influencers wearing the clothes which is used multiple times in many aliexpress suppliers etc). 


2. Some aliexpress supplier have their store name saved on the left top of the influencer pictures (Many supplier use same influencer photos and have their store name on the left top), when i import to oberlo i can choose the photo without the store name - legally can i just use the picture without the store name as it is better look? 


3. Can I use the product image from aliexpress with models and instagram influences on my instagram page to promote my store legally?


I heard some that says it is completely fine to use the images from aliexpress with models, however i heard others say you will be sued from the models/influences as I did not pay them for the photo to be put on the store. Therefore if anyone know the definite answer to this, it will be much appreciated:) 











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Hello @TrendDemand 


It is free to use Aliexpress images in your store. It is completely legal.  Not even to seek permission from the seller.  But remove the supplier logo before promoting the product.  People may find out that you are dropshipping from somewhere. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Feel free to use the images on Aliexpress. Unless if you find sentences that indicate the Images were copyrighted by the store owner.

In that case you will need to ask for the permission of the store owner for useing the images.


If you really concerned about getting in troubles by useing images with influences. An image editor will be a good choice to remove the essential part of the model so as to avoid problems may occur.

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You can use our app (PixPix) to remove logos from images, it's not always easy to remove them, but there are many ways or tricks you can do to remove the logo
Here is an example of removing one using an advanced images editor:


Hope this helps!

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I just wanted to follow up with a specific example that we ran across, can we use the photos of models for the clothes for our Dropshipping store for items from Shein, and take out their watermark like the example below. Is this legal? Sorry to be a bother - just absolutely want to make sure we aren't treading into legal issues...




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In which you could set developing a discount code for client who registered and created account. You also can set in app configuration page whilst cut price expire after this bargain is generated.

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