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Audio speakers for home office? We dropship

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Do you or some of your customers need audio speakers for their home office?


If so, please contact us 😃
We are Aperion Audio and we specialize in audio speakers.
Email me, Dallas Ybarra directly at or my trusty sidekick, Collin Lybarger at Also feel free to connect with us via chat on our main home page or by phone 503.598.8815.
For your home office our best offering is the Allaire Bluetooth Gaming Computer Speaker
Aperion Audio Allaire Computer Speakers

We do have a wall mounting solution. It's a pretty straightforward wall mount, and as with just about any wall mount, it's usually easiest with the help of another person during the mounting process.


A couple of notes, to ensure the mount is flush with the back of the Allaire, you'll need to remove the two small screws in between the mounting insert threads.


Also, mounting will block the USB port on the rear. The USB port serves as a power port only, so no audio is transmitted. Basically it's to charge your phone or tablet.


Otherwise, if you have more questions please let us know! We'll be happy to help.


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Thank you for your interest and we hope that you reach out to us soon!
Dallas Ybarra
Aperion Audio
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Just wondering, if you got 6x9 speakers model JBL GTO939 Premium, and if yes, for what price? Pm me please or answer here, on this topic. I got some problems with my audio system, and want to change my in-car speakers to a better model. Hopefully, I found the website with a good top of 6x9 speakers and a very detailed description.
Maybe you can suggest me another speaker from this top? I'm not quite sure about JBL model. Also maybe you got the GOXLR mixer? I want to improve my streaming station. Sorry for the offtopic thought. Waiting for your answer.

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Hey GefesT!


I'm sorry but we don't carry JBL brand. A majority of what we stock are items that we manufacture from the Aperion brand. Otherwise we also have access to Marantz and Denon electronics and receivers.


I wish I could be more help with the car stereo field, but that is not our specialty. I always liked the Infinity speakers that were in my 4Runner though!


You may be able to find your answers over at though.


I hope that helps!




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Hello @AperionAudio 


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Hey there!


From our USA location in Portland, Oregon, we ship to Canada and Mexico.


We have distribution throughout Europe, China and Australia as well.


We are always shopping the shipping rates, so please feel free to contact our team via


Thank you!


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Hello there! When the pandemic started I started working from home, I am a video game developer. Honestly, now we understood that we waste money on rent as we can do all the work remotely from home :). Even though working from home is nice I miss communication most of all. So as token of my loneliness I ordered a music system from . It's similar to the one you described above. In my opinion it's great value for the money, the design is also nice.