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Hi all, we currently have a furniture and kitchen appliance dropshipping store in development however we feel that we’ve reached our limit with diversity of products we can source from popular platforms. 

Is there any suppliers we haven’t looked at, our scope for style is modern furniture, decor and kitchen appliances. Majority of the brands we have are Artiss, Devanti and Geselle Bedding.


Would also be good to know if there is any type of deal that can be struck with manufacturers and wholesalers for dropshipping deals that are profitable for both parties.

thank you for your time! 

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Hi @Trae 

Please check the below furniture dropshipping companies.




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Hey Trae, how did you go finding aussie drop shippers? Can you recommend any that you found? Salehoo has a few good dropshippers listed based in Aus.



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Problem with Artiss, Devanti and Giselle Bedding is that the supplier is not wholesaler / supplier exclusive. We definitely need some good and true dropshipping companies down-under.

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hi @Trae 


With Syncee you can source furniture suppliers from globally


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Every housewife's dream is a large, bright, spacious kitchen, "stuffed" with all kinds of appliances and themed furniture. Alas, not everyone is "lucky" with the area's parameters: the kitchen in a standard apartment does not allow the imagination to run wild. Recently I ordered furniture for my small kitchen. I want to say that the design was made of very high quality, so it was easy for me to choose furniture. The most important thing I want to see in my kitchen is a quality table and chairs. I found samples online; I liked the table in their design. I have already placed an order, and I hope they will deliver quickly because I do not have much time to arrange the kitchen.