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Clothing Manufacturers?

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Hello Everyone, I'm sure most Apparel Buyers or people who are trying to start new fashion line got  hard time to find for a quality & best manufacturer. Im going to solve this problem for you today!
You might have or have not heard about Zeria Textile company, Zeria Textile (Zeriatex) is a quality trusted Apparel Manufacturers From Istanbul Turkey. We have been listed in numerous business magazines for our innovation and the quality of the products we Manufactured and Supplied more than twenty times more in the ten years that we have been in operation. We have been working with big brands in Europe, Africa and Asia past 49 years of our experience in textile industry.
Keep it in mind that Zeriatex is a vertical textile producing and Clothing Manufacturers Company starting from yarn to fabric to Manufacturing Clothes, as well as accessories such as shawl & scarf, etc. We are producers of light woven kind of fabrics and process then to ready made clothes like dresses, skirts, blouse, shorts and etc. While most of our clients rely on people to outsource their products from an integrated manufacturer like Zeriatex. You can access our company profile, portfolios and more information from our cooperative website .
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Fabricsale has been focusing on the home textile products since its foundation.
Our main products: wholesale towels, beach towels, bath towels, wholesale blankets, fleece blanket, baby blanket, weighted balnket, embroidered blankets, wholesale tablecloths, lace tablecloths, linen tablecloths.

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Hello, our company is a factory integrating professional design, production and sales of work clothes. Mainly engaged in European and American men's and women's clothing. We have also launched a small batch customization service to undertake various clothing orders, Alibaba store:, whatsapp number: +8615817120149

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Hi @Zeriatex 


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Hi, Are you a clothing manufacturer? Doing an Apparel Business?

But longing for the best solution to reach out to more customers and want to sell all your clothing from your warehouse.

Custom Clothing or Apparel business is getting immense fame in an E-Commerce platform, and also it is an endless business module. Every day something new and unique models arrive in the fashion world. Varieties of clothing type are available in the market and have huge demand. 

All these clothing comes in varied styles made of soft cloth, velvet, chiffon, cotton, net cloth, etc..We have to agree to that fact, that there is no end to the range for clothing!

Once the bulk amount of clothing is manufactured the clothing manufacturers need to search for the whole seller. Once the whole seller has bought those apparel then, he will be in search of a retailer shop. Finally, the retailer needs to sell those things to customers. 

The point here is clothing manufacturers, retailers, or whole sellers all of you guys will be facing a common problem of selling your apparels. Am I right?

Don't worry, here you get the best Custom Clothing Software.

We’ at Fit4bond offers end to end online apparel design software & tool which is advanced and have latest features perfectly fits for you no matter whether you are a fashion designer or wholesaler doing clothing business or tailoring business. Surely, this online software will cater to the need of apparel enterprises.

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Hey @Zeriatex saw your post and wanted to let you know if you are looking for a sustainable clothing manufacturer partner in the US, we can send out our larger production run clients to you that are looking for more competitive pricing.

BOMME STUDIO is an ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturer based in Los Angeles, CA so there may be opportunity to work together should you have any US clients looking for sample development or sustainable production. If you have questions or would like to discuss further, you can reach us at

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If you are looking for Clothing Manufacturers for dropshipping then we can help you.

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I tried to visit your page. Google says its unsafe due to a lack of SSL

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