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Creating a custom product with more than 1 SKU

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I run a POD store and my POD supplier (printify) doesn't allow more than one design for a product like socks, which is what I'm selling. I wanted to add a custom product to add different variants (such as color) but it's asking for an SKU. The product doesn't have 1 SKU, but 3 for the different sizes. (6 if you count the colors). How can I add a custom product without filling in the main product SKU?

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Hi Joey,


I think you should find the official stufss of the website you are currently working with, they might give you the most helpful advice!


BTW I want to introduce myself to you as a sock vendor with various designs(ready in stock) and small Minimum Order Quantity.


For more informations, you can check out on our site:


Would be happy to send thru our latest product catalog upon request!sock catalog.jpg





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Hi @joeypower 


Did you check with some other POD supplier? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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