Curate collection for dropship merchant

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We are the vendor and we manufacture sustainable accessories. We are ramping up our dropship business by onboarding several merchants who will feature our product on their sites. They are synced to our shopify portal via third party apps and Jetti. Each merchant gets a highly curated collection. We want the customers at Merchant A to see a handbag in black and brown while Merchant B sees the same handbag but in green and yellow. Because all variations of any handbag style live on the same PDP, both merchants are seeing all 4 colors even though we have selected to publish only what they want to see respectively. 

To note, we have to have our products set up in this way (all variations of a handbag live on 1 PDP) for NetSuite.

Is there a workaround? Perhaps we create an additional Shopify domain for them where every variant is a single product and on it's own PDP? If we go this route, we would not want this domain to be visited by the general public. 

Please tell me there's a solution out there. 

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