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Over the past 15 years I have tried a number of different types of online ways of earning a living on the Internet. I am on disability here in Canada and I am on a looking to supplement my income , although if I was to do well enough and make enough money online I could afford to come off of disability.

At the moment I am considering trying drop shipping and even though I have done some research on it I haven’t found  a very simple and straightforward explanation of how to do it right from the beginning and each step in between.

I would also like to find out who may be some of the best free reliable and honest drops shippers out there who will drop ship from Canada to anywhere in the world.

Something else … I would like to find out some of the top areas to drop ship and in sell products in.

While I am posting to these forums I could also ask for any information on some of that better free reliable and honest as well as easy to use website builders.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.    Craig

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I totally understand your concern. The guidelines are

1. First choose only one product industry which called niche 

2. Pick 3-4 products to sell for test purposes

Before step three you've to find out the right audience with Facebook audience insights tools To determine the right audience for the products. There are too many tutorials on that you can find out on YouTube.

3. Create some Facebook PPE ad sets with that 3-4 products with targeting the audience 

4. Track the result and re run the ad for the best performing one.

i hope this may help you.

Best of luck 

Ash Ome

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