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Dynamic Payment Gateway Selection

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****  I am posting this thread here too because is also related to WHOLESALEM & DROPSHIPPING ****

Hi There ...Experts 

I have a curious requirement from a project that I would like to make sure  I can solve with SHOPIFY power...

An Enterprise have DISTRIBUTION OPERATORS around the Country ...

Due the INSANE COMPLICATED Brazilian Tax Legislation each Operator is a DIFFERENT COMPANY from the HQ

The Enterprise want offer their stuff Online but would like the following WORKFLOW :

  1. Consumer declare to WHERE product will be shipped to

  2. When going to Checkout the PAYMENT should be registered to the DISTRIBUTION COMPANY that are in the same AREA customer has declared as destination of PRODUCT

  3. Shipping FROM .. should assume the address of DISTRIBUTION OPERATION when calculating SHIPPING rate using a THIRD PARTY CARRIER service


Is there a way to do THAT with SHOPIFY ?

Some obvious possibilities I have thanked about :

  1. IF i COULD SETUP as many as I want PAYMENT GATEWAYS ( and a way to code the dynamic select as each one would be associated to a ONE OPERATOR )

  2. If I could even using JUST ONE Gateway ... handle WHAT TOKEN to use ... using an App and SHOPIFY API calls

  3. Have a Gateway that could let me implement this kind of transaction


Have you ever faced some similar ) ?

Any comments are welcome

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