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Hi there,

I'm thinking of installing an app for extended warranty on my page.

I've looked at a couple of different apps.

The issue I'm experiencing and have noticed on other peoples stores is that when people buy more than one product and add the extended warranty the cost of the extended warranty is only added once. 

I did an experiment and went onto someones shop and put 1500 items in the basket and then added the 3 year extended warranty. the cost of the extended warranty was only added once.

If I'm going to add this feature I want the customer to pay the extended warranty cost for every product, otherwise if there is a claim which item was the extended warranty intend to cover?

is there a way to fix this?



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Hello @Miniblendco 


Please check the below two apps.  


Clyde | Warranty Platform


Warranty Management 

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Clyde looks good but unfortunately it wont work on my store as apparently its only available on stores that use USD. My store is AUD.


I don't where the buttons are on the Warranty management app to add the extended warranty.

it looks a little confusing and I think the product could easily be ordered without the warranty by mistake when someone intended to buy.


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 i recommend you check the app :warranty management

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