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Hi all,

I’m planning on creating a niche eCommerce drop-shipment platform. The suppliers will be from aliexpress and the target market will be USA. I will sort only epacket delivery suppliers. Currently I reside in Europe(Bulgaria) without any registered company. 

I have a few questions about taxation and regulation and will be very happy if someone tries to give me some lights in the tunnel:

1. What about the taxes? Do I need to calculate  local (Bulgarian) taxes and pay them here (in Bulgaria), or I should calculate some kind of USA taxes and pay them in USA. The goods will not be physically here in Bulgaria. They will be dropshiped from China to USA, so I dont have any connection to the Bulgarian market. The only tax nexus with the USA market is the customer.

2. Do I need to register a company? In Bulgaria or in USA?

3. I am planning on using only paypal as payment option. Would that be ok for the customers? Is there any payment standard for online business?

4. As I don’t have USA address what the return policy would be? Address in Europe for returns will not be OK , I guess.

Sorry for my long message. I will be very happy if someone comments on my topic and gives me some info.

Many thanks in advance



Congrats in advance for your eCommerce drop-shipping business. You can easily sort out specific e-packet products and suppliers by using our dropshipping app Alidropship. Give a try to our app @

You better consult with your local legal advisor for taxes. Taxes vary from country to country.

Paypal can be an easy way to the customers for online purchasing.

You can use your seller's return policy as your's return policy.

Hope that could help you,

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good luck to you 

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Did you get any answer? I am in a similar situation.


Hi @coldwell 


Do not calculate the taxes.  Import taxes only the buyer should pay to the local customs. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thank you! What if the supplier is in the U.S as well?