How do you source products that are trending? Need help finding profitable dropshipping products

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Hi folks, 


I'm trying to set up a store selling products that are starting to trend on the web. My goal is to find a good suitable niche, source the product from a wholesaler (alibaba or aliexpress) and importing them. Shopify does an awesome job of publishing products that are trending and I also use Google Trends to identify up and coming products, but I'm curious what other methods folks use. 


How do you guys identify niches and trending products on the web? 

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Hi @BorednCurious 


Our recommendation product research tools like pexda, ecomhunt, dropship spy etc . . . We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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I am the founder of a few dropshipping apps on Shopify and have worked with 10,000+ merchants selling on the shopify platform. This seems to always be a big question that many merchants ask. I've built a service that now allows people like you to find trending products before everybody else.

We use hundreds of millions of data signals tracked over the web to find trending products before everybody else... and then put them into a report matched with products and suppliers to get you started. We are currently in review for the app to be approved on Shopify's platform, but for now you can sign up to receive an email report at

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I would recommend you to look into some product research tools and also look into blogs and also check the trending products in all other sites.

There are fewer products in your store please try to add more products that will help your customers to find more options and select the best one for them. There are many apps that help you to dropship products.

I think aliexpress would be the perfect website to dropship products into your store and sell them as it has products for a lower price compared to all other sites.

To dropship products from aliexpress I would suggest you use the droppersstop app.


Droppersstop is one of the best-emerging apps in Shopify. Here are some of the features of droppersstop.


Free Plan:

Yes, you read it right! Droppersstop offering a free plan which perfectly suits for newbies to get started with the dropshipping store.


Bulk Import:

You can easily import products in bulk from AliExpress into your store with just a single click.


Price Automation:

Once you set the price margins in the droppersstop app, pricing will be applied automatically whenever you import the products from AliExpress.


Inventory stock and price update/sync:-

No customer can buy out of stock products from your store because the droppersstop application automatically syncs your product cost and inventory stock with the supplier site.


Whenever your supplier makes any changes in product stock, price, or if any product is out of stock then automatically it gets changed in your store.


Product Customization:-

Dropshippers can customize their product title, description, Variants, Price, and images in the Droppersstop app itself.


Automated order fulfillment:-

Droppersstop has an automated order fulfillment process that helps you to order with a single click.


Click here to download our app and avail the above-mentioned features for free.

I hope you like our feedback



Droppersstop is an aliexpress dropshipping app that imports products from aliexpress to your Shopify store.The following are the features of droppersstop:-
Free plan available, Importing products from aliexpress individually, Bulk importing from aliexpress, Pricing automation, Inventory price and stock auto-update, Product customization, Automated order fulfillment.
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I use the Sell The Trend tool. It is an AI based tool that can help you find the trending products for your dropshipping business. The tool contains quite a load of features that can give you a lot of information to find the winning items.

The sites that the tool can scan include AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify dropshipping stores , and Facebook to show the most popular products online in real time. The tool has a dashboard called the Nexus which showcases all the information in an easy to read data table.

Best dropshipping product research tools: Sell the Trend - Trendy inspirations

You can also create videos for Facebook ads, calculate influencers’ engagement, build Facebook audience, and import the product to your store with just one click of a button. There are almost 4 million products available as data for you to sell instantly.

The company also has an online course and many resources for you to learn all about dropshipping. Sell the Trend is a great option for new dropshipper, which is why it is among the best dropshipping product research tools.

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Hello @BorednCurious ,

I think you can seek help from some apps, such as oeasy, which has the function of searching popular products, and hope to help you

❤️ANTDIY is a dropshipping app that allows you to 1-click import products from AliExpress to your store.
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Hi @BorednCurious, I’m Larry from the team at Spocket!

Sourcing products that are trending really depend on what you are seeing and research into product categories that are performing well. This means being aware of the market and other competition in the dropshipping space, as well as finding the right suppliers for your products. This can be challenging when you do it by yourself, so I recommend trying out apps or platforms that can help you. One of which is Spocket. 

With Spocket you can actually see which items are trending and selling a lot of units. In addition, you can find supplier scores that reflect their shipping and reliability. 

Some other benefits of working with Spocket:

  • Fast shipping (usually about 3 - 5 days on average)
  • Blind shipping, meaning that the orders will be sent in neutral packaging. The only thing included in the package is your branded invoice from select suppliers!
  • New suppliers are joining the platform weekly, meaning you always have new products to choose from

If you wanted to try these features and more, you should sign up for the Spocket free trial, where you can see everything completely risk-free!

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There are many tools for conducting product market research, but I would recommend you to use Google Trends and Allfactor Analytics since their data is the most comprehensive for competitive intelligence. 

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It's easy and free to use Google trends.

Try it out and make sure you are selling what is trending these days.

Peoples give you advice but you should check it out yourself.

Please let me know if you have any questions

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@BorednCurious We believe that we can help you out with your problem since we have an updated product catalog of winning products for you to choose from. Please go visit our site to check them out or you can even contact us.

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