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Looking for a Print On Demand Supplier for Flashcard deck

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Hi all,

I am looking to create a deck of flashcards to help people study pharmacology or pharmacy. I have searched the appstore and currently there exist stores that sell individual greeting cards but I have not come across any that are able to print custom flashcards or even custom playing cards. If any of you could let me know I would be really grateful!! 

Thank you!

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Oh I'm interested in this as well!  I have been ordering mine and shipping them on my own, while the rest of the 'kit' if drop shipped.  

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Hi @Pharma123 

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Hello Sir

What you would like to source from China?

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Besides,I can help you ship your goods from China to the rest of the world.

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Looking forward to your reply

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I just found a company that can print, box and ship flashcards.  You can use them through Shopify in such a way that the customers orders the flashcards and they do all of the work and shipping - you don't need to do anything.  They do not integrate directly with Shopify, but they set up a ShipStation account and use that as an intermediary step.  They are kind like a combination of a POD and fulfillment center.  The way it works is that you give them restricted access to your Shopify account so they can see your orders (they don't see anything else and they can't change anything about your store or access your information).  They will create a small inventory of your product and store it at their location. Then, they get on Shipstation everyday, which tells them which Shopify orders they need to ship out that day.   

I haven't used them yet (was too excited to wait to reply to your post) but I did speak to the owner on the phone and was delighted with his service.  I sent a chat request through the website and he contacted me within an hour.  They've been printing card decks for 16 years as part of their specialty service and have top notch equipment.  They send you a template for your artwork that store and print directly from.  They already work with several Shopify users in this way. 

I think this could be the flashcard answer we've all been looking for.  Personally, I've been searching for months trying to find someone to do this.  Fingers crossed!

The name of the company is SuperiorPOD and their website is  You can email them directly at

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I did some research & I think this company is your best option. They're headquartered in Hong Kong and take care of all the production processes, shipping and customer enquiries. You have to sell through their MarketPlace though, which you can promote by sharing your unique shop space URL to your main website and social media.

Their largest size is 127mm x 178mm. 1 deck costs $13.90 (no set up charge & it gets cheaper as you increase quantity). You can have 10-100 cards per deck. Each card can be customized individually both front and back as required.

Of the major print-on-demand companies that integrate with Shopify, this the closest thing I could find to flashcards:

Currently, it's only for 1 card at a time as an individual product, and they don't offer bundle options (selling a box of 18 cards as 1 product for example), so I submitted a feature request for this.
Prtinful said "different store platforms have plugins or apps to add the bundle feature already", so maybe if you create each flashcard as an individual product in Prtinful, you can then bundle them in Shopify.
It's worth emailing to ask about this if you're interested.

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Hello @Pharma123 ,


I hope it will help you.

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