Looking for clothing suppliers delivery to UK

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I'm yet to find any good clothing dropshipping suppliers than offer delivery to the UK with under 2 week delivery times.


Can anyone recommend any? Thanks!

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We can help you find clothing suppliers and fulfill orders from China to UK in 2 weeks. 

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Guangzhou iz the biggest fashion industry dropshipping and wholesale city in the world, 86Deal offers one step fashion dropshipping service to help you dropship from China to UK in 2 days. Our service includes:


Sourcing service

Sample service

Bargain and purchasing service


QC service

Goods returning service (goods returning from overseas to China)

Private label service

Order printing service

Consolidation shipping service

Tracking upload service

Flexible shipping methods

Professional customs clearance service

ShipAnt.com - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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You can refer to our application "Aliexpress Dropshipping" App.

Through Our app you can easily find ship to UK suppliers and you can easily import products from suppliers site like aliexpress,dhgate,amazon.....etc.

And we are newly added two Features like Suggested Titles for products and Customized Shipping.

Suggested Titles:

We are providing few suggested titles for the products so that you can choose any of them while importing the product into your shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product by Editing. It helps in your website's SEO as your products title will be unique.

Customized Shipping:

This feature is used for Customer can choose their shipping method while purchasing the product at shopify store. Set your Preferences in My Settings and import the product, then aliexpress shipping methods are available at shopify store checkout page.
Customize Shipping Methods Importance:
-Improved shopper confidence through full transparency into shipping costs.
-Increased conversion because shoppers can select options based on price and speed, making them feel more in control.
-Less effort.


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hi Becky,

we are in dropshipping fulfillment business for over 3 years. With multi apparel items.

Servicing 100+ clients with processing ability of 3000+ orders per day.


Also to UK, we have special line, taking 4-8 days to delivery. Shipping cost same as epacket!

Maybe we can help you! anita@flashleopard.com flashleopard.com

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You can check out here https://dolls-kill.pissedconsumer.com/review.html Recently I've found there a few nice supplier ideas. 

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Hi @becky2911 

Please check the below UK companies offers Clothes Dropshipping.



Praslin Clothing




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Hi @becky2911, this is Larry from the team at Spocket here!

Finding suppliers is incredibly important for shipping like you pointed out. This is why a lot of dropshippers are turning to platforms that can help them source products and suppliers that can be used for their stores. I recommend checking out Spocket to check out some of the clothing suppliers!

Some of the benefits of working with Spocket:

  • A US/EU-focused product catalogue that continuously updates with new suppliers each week
  • Fast shipping (3-5 days on average
  • Custom invoices on select suppliers to continue to market your business

You can sign up for a free trial with Spocket to try everything out risk-free first. One great supplier is Elbaite, they’re UK-based and are on Spocket, you should check them out! Hope this helps!


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We are located in Guangzhou, the biggest clothing market in the world, we help clients QC, repack, warehousing, pick pack, customize label and packaging to ship to EU and USA in 7 to 15 days, you can check 86deal.com and let me know your requirements in details.

ShipAnt Professional Chinese dropshipping agent
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I would be happy to help 👍🏻

Feel free to email me jc@smartimpressions.group

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Hi becky2911,


What kind of clothes are you looking for?

We have several clothing suppliers with fast shipping.

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  Please take a look at https://www.stylewisegroup.co.uk.  Over 1,500 mens and womens clothing styles covering Bellfield Clothing, Judas Sinned Clothing, BLFD Clothing, Golden Equation, Bellfield Womenswear & D-Struct.  Min order 6 units per style.  1-2 day delivery in the UK - Stylewise (UK) Ltd are UK based too (warehouse and operations are in Manchester).

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Please check these Wholesale Women’s Clothing Suppliers in the UK:


NN Fashion wholesale
Europa fashion
Go Wholesale
Nova of London
Babez London

If you need more information on the suppliers from the UK then you can schedule a meeting with our team here: https://dropship-empire.com/contact/


Hope it helps.


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