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Looking for EU (or UK) based bamboo utensils/Accessories and Baby products for dropshipping

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I am looking for EU or UK dropship supplier that could ship products on less than 20 days at a no very high rates. (non EU countries delivering to UK under 7 day will be ok as well)

I already have an account on E-sources and looked at the UK supliers there, but none of them have what I am looking for unfortunately.

Looking at Oberlo does bring me the product inventory I need through aliExpress, however delivery times are way too long and Express shipping on AliExpress deliveries are way too expensive (over $50).


If anyone knows about a supplier that is reliable, has an easy integration with Shopify and dropships the following items, It would be great to hear from him/her

1. Bamboo Utensils - Bamboo Cups, Bamboo Tumblers, Bamboo Cutlery, Bamboo Straws, Bamboo Kitchen utensils......

2. Bamboo Accessories - Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Sunglasses, Bamboo Socks.....
3. Bamboo Baby Accessories - Reusable Bamboo Cloth Diaper, Reusable Bamboo Washcloths, Bamboo Baby Feeding Dishes....





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Why not try to dropship from 1688? 20 days shipping delivery is enough to dropship from China. On the other way, those bamboo products are from China even you found EU supplier.


You can send some photos to, we will source and quote for you about the total cost. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Hi Obeitia,


Hope you are well.


We are a supplier dealing with socks and fashion accessories.

You can check out the bamboo sock product on our site:


We offer small MOQ and fast delivery for Amazon and Shopify seller!




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Hello @Obeitia 


Please check the below companies








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