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Hi all,

I'm trying to find some way to comply with manufacturer enforced minimum advertised price, while still selling for less than that price. Is there a way I can show a higher price on a product's page than in the cart? 


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oh right right right...I had forgotten about the Tag...Thanks again  SO much!

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Step I found this also in my Product.Liquid Template. The language is a bit different so I'm a little concerned about where to put what....It looks like I need to add the IF "compare at" statement...don't you think?  As I don't see it mentioned anywhere here.  I added the script in Bold and Bulleted...does that make sense?  Thanks again for all your help

    <script type="text/javascript">
        // <![CDATA[  
        var selectCallback = function(variant, selector) {
            if (variant && variant.available == true) {
                // selected a valid variant
                jQuery('#purchase').removeClass('disabled').removeAttr('disabled'); // remove unavailable class from add-to-cart button, and re-enable button


  • if(variant.price < variant.compare_at_price){ 
  •         {% if product.tags contains 'map' %} 

                jQuery('.product-price').html(Shopify.formatMoney(variant.price, "{{shop.money_with_currency_format}}"));  // update price field
            } else {
                // variant doesn't exist

  • {% else %} 
  •  jQuery('.product-price').html(Shopify.formatMoney(variant.price, "<span style='display:none;'>" + "{{ shop.money_format }}") +"</span>");


 jQuery('#purchase').addClass('disabled').attr('disabled', 'disabled');      // set add-to-cart button to unavailable class and disable button
                var message = variant ? "Sold Out" : "Unavailable";    
                jQuery('.product-price').text(message); // update price-field message