matching images from different suppliers

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I'm a newbie so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.
When I look around at some other ecommerce stores notice how they all seem to have nice, clear and uniformatted (in lack of a better english word) pictures even though they work with different brands and different suppliers. I.E. the lighting, the background and everything is the same for all priduct images. Obviously I could order the product and take the pictures myself but what if I'm a small dropshipping company using only suppliers on aliexpress? Is there any other way to have this sort of uniformation of your images? Can I look for a images for a specific product elsewhere from aliexpress and the supplier?
On a side note: I see a lot of product images on aliexpress with the brand name or logo on them. Is it possible (and legal) to get rid of that?

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Hi Andreas

You can't remove a watermark completely. 

Most suppliers want you to have success selling their products.  Ideally they will provide images, descriptions, UPC codes, prices, and so forth.  The reality is that many suppliers have technical issues or just don't know how to deliver this.  You could try our ImageFinder app ( to see if that helps.  It costs $0.01 per image and the first day is free.