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Matterhorn Wholesale

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Hi all,
Does anyone use Matterhorn for dropshipping,if so how have you resolved Matterhorn sending orders to buyers under their name?
Any ideas will be very much appreciated.
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Hey, or Matterhorn writte on parcels they name ? 

I read about that they don't writte nothing on parcel ? ot it isn't true ?

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Hello @Setti 


They offer dropshipping only to EUROPE. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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The Matterhorn Wholesale reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the order or a part of the order. If an ordered product is not available at the time when the order is being completed, the Wholesaler provides the Buyer with available products from among those ordered, and the amount of money of the unavailable product, which has already been paid for, is transferred in the form of an overpayment to the Buyer\’s balance of payments. The overpayment may be used by the Buyer for a next order. Upon the request of the Buyer, addressed in a written form, the overpayment will be refunded to the Buyer in a manner agreed between the Wholesaler and the Buyer. By default, the refund will be executed in the same manner as initial payment.

The goods are ordered after pressing the “ORDER” button on the Wholesale website and prior submission of all necessary data.

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