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Migrate from Wordpress to Shopify

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Hi All,

I want to do dropshipping using . But I don't want to delete exisiting content on my website 

Currently I am using wordpress, How I can Migrate Data to Shopify

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Hi Thomas,

You totally can keep all the contents on your website and migrate it to a new one. LitExtension  is an expert in data migration field and you can lean on it. It offers reasonable price and save your time. This website can help you to migrate all kinds of data and the website contents are not exception. Hope you have your own new satisfying website with this.


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Hello @thomaswilliams9 


Create a Shopify Store and manually add blogs to your store. That is the only solution. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Nowadays, with Shopify and WordPress, starting up an online business is not a big deal for merchants. They can easily raise their appealing stores without any effort and then begin to sell their amazing products right away.

So we have an article about how to set up Shopify integrate with Wordpress. Hope it'll help you to launch your online business

Thank me later ^^ 

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Hi William,

Have you ever heard about the automated migration tool? It can help you migrate all your data including products, customers, orders, etc. between 2 ecommerce platforms automatically and safely within a few hours.

As far as I know, there are a lot of companies providing this type of service on the market. Among all of them LitExtension is receiving the best reviews on Trustpilot - 98% customer satisfaction. This is such an impressive figure for a migration service. Moreover, Shopify has just rated LitExtension as one of their most trending apps. Looking at these information, I'm sure that they are doing a good job of helping people migrate their data from one ecommerce platform to another.

I highly recommend you checking them out right now by contacting their customer support team via live chat at for further assistance.







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I would:

a) leave the wordpress website up and add a new link in top nav called SHOP (this would send them to your shopify store that looks like or better than your wordpress website) (call the domain for shopify )

Wordpress fares better for SEO


b) build a new shopify store, add your products and then emulate the same top navigation as wordpress but link the wordpress pages to their corresponding wordpress pages on your existing site.


This way you can take advantage of 2 websites for seo and do not have to deal with migrating or the site going down.


If you need help you can hire me. PM me if needed.


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