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Minimum Order QTY for Products

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I'm currently designing a store for a client who is doing retail and wholesale on their site. Everything is going well and good HOWEVER, only on SOME of the products do they require a "minimum order qty" (not $$ spent). 

I've seen some answers regarding applying a minimum order QTY or Minimum Order Amount but it looks like those solutions would apply to ALL products. I'm needing a solution (app or code) that will help me apply these basic functions to specific items only. 

Ex. I have a Chair that's available for my wholesale accounts - but they need to order a minimum Qty of 2 chairs. 

Any help appreciated! 

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@RMazzuca ,

Welcome to the Shopify community, This is certainly possible through code customization,
You may want to hire a Shopify expert or message me directly.

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Hi! Not seeing where I can send you a message directly. I'm familiar with coding (not necessarily on shopify though) but would appreciate any assistance. 

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Hi @RMazzuca 

You can sell it as a pack of 2 chairs (single unit). We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hello @RMazzuca

Hope you are doing well. I know I am late but still, I want to suggest something for those who may still be looking for a solution for similar kinds of requirements. 


You want to give minimum purchase restrictions to your customer so that they can not buy less than two chairs. This can be easily done by MultiVariants - Bulk order. Not only that you also can set a maximum quantity restriction as well. 


The app also has other features like minimum/max value restriction, bundle quantity, incremental increase, etc.


You can have a look at this Demo product as well. Go to this link and try to go on “Add to cart” without selecting 3 or more products. You will not be able to do that, because the product has a minimum purchase quantity of 3 by using the MultiVariants - Bulk order application.

Hope this helps you.

Have a Good Day

Multivariants Minimum/Maximum order.Multivariants Minimum/Maximum order.



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