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Hello All,

My name is Corey I'm new to the Shopify forum. I have a source that sells high-end BBQ Grills, Grill Carts, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Fire Places, and accessories. This source is offering blind drop shipping, or light wholesale with no minimums, monthly costs, and all the products are made and shipped from the USA. We're taking on new vendors that can pretty much list anywhere they want. I have attached some pictures of the items we sell. If you're interested in becoming a vendor message me or drop your questions here. This is a unique opportunity to make a lot of money as most drop shipping products honestly suck.

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We will be launching in 2 months a robust powerful dropship platform on 

Source of Goods aims to become the premier one stop wholesale drop ship platform for you to source goods to sell anywhere in the e-commerce ecosphere.


We offer several valuable benefits to our lucky clients:

  • Drop-Shipped MILLIONS of brand name US based products in 20 main categories and thousands of subcategories
  • Goods will be priced at wholesale and you don’t pay for an item until you make a sale. 
  • We will facilitate all shipping and logistics for each order. 
  • We will integrate to Amazon Seller Central and eBay. 
  • Every order placed by your customer will reflect on the Source of Goods platform and conversely reflect a lower quantity of the item available.
  • Our items will as well be eligible to be offered anywhere in the US e-commerce universe via manual (bulk csv) uploads of the products on source of goods and uploads back to source of goods with the order information.
  • Customer Service Support

Our website is currently under construction. In about a months’ time we will be launching to select testers to test the functionality of our web site. In two months’ time we will go live to the public. We are very excited to be exhibiting at the IRCE show in Chicago at the end of June.

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Corey, I am very interested in this

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Hello @Corey_Palmer 


Can we have your website link to check the product list? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Im thinking of starting a drop shipping business for high end products. i started with clothing and honestly it sucks using ali express and i want to build a brand that isnt going to fade. how can i become a vendor for you?

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This is right up my alley. Super interested! Thanks

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Hello @Corey_Palmer, Can you share the products list in excel files? 

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Please feel free to sign up on our website at
and get a free three month membership now!
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Hi Corey, A couple of weeks ago I sent you a message saying that I´m interested in the BBQ Supplier you have. Could you please share information with me?

You can contact me at

Thank you and I´ll look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,  

Hugo A.