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Supplier dropship app need it. does not exist so also looking for dev to createing it

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We have a succesfull website, a few shopify website do sell our products, but the have to come to our website and create a wholesale order. We ship the product direct to their customer and email the tracking back the seller website who fowarded to customer!!

I do not want to be on a network of dropshippers etc..  I need an app that only my selected vendor would us to sell our product.any help!!!

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Hi @wakeballast 

Your website on the Shopify platform? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Our platform already supports sharing specific products to other users who then can simply sync them to their respective Shopify stores. You can also control which products certain users have access to. It streamlines inventory sync so they don't need to be importing csv files.

We are adding an ordering system as well but we can automate orders to automatically pull from sellers directly into your account for processing. Tracking would then be pushed back to those orders.

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In this case, I suggest you try Shopify app  "ourmall" 

is a supplier and seller platforms. 

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Hi @wakeballast 


Try Syncee. We have automated order sync with Shopify.

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Hello @wakeballast 

Aliexpress Dropshipping is used to import a wide range of products of different varieties. Our supplier sites are amazon, ebay, Dhgate, target, aliexpress etc.,

Import products from our supplier sites by clicking on "Add To List" or "Edit Details" buttons. And you can easily place order by clicking on "Place Order on Aliexpress".

You can have your own branding and customized labels on products by using "Appfreaker Supply". You can also increase product list on your shopify store by using Appfreaker Supply.

We provide "Auto Sync" feature by which the price of product changes on your shopify store as the price of product changes on the supplier site.

Pricing Automation: Pricing automation will be also available were you change the prices of product directly.

Auto Updating Inventory: The app checks suppliers items stock levels daily and keeps your items stock levels up to date.

Epacket shipping available for fast and reliable delivery.


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