UK Dropshipping enquiry - Fair Margins

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I'm currently in the process of developing an E-Commerce site to sell mens-wear fashion products via drop-shipping. I've started reaching out to suppliers to see if they are interested in having their products on my site after talking through with them about my brand and target market and all of them so far seem to be keen to set something up.

The main thing I haven't been able to agree upon yet is the discounted rate on retail I would receive for drop-shipping. It's a little hard to tell what's the right margin to pitch here as after a fair bit of research it seems this can fluctuate a lot depending on industry & niche market. Would anyone preferably with experience drop-shipping in the fashion industry have an idea of what kind of discount margins a drop-shipper should operate with their suppliers? Also if I chose to go the next level up and buy the items wholesale, what extra discount should I expect to receive?

I realize every supplier might have different rates but I want to be sure i'm pitching at around the right amount.

Cheers and I welcome any advice out there!

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