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USA Camping & Outdoor Suppliers

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Anyone know where to find US suppliers for the outdoor niche? The following products I'll be selling and the supplier will need to provide are the following- Camping backpacks, Camping stoves, flashlights, hammocks, men's hiking shoes, women's hiking shoes, outdoor mats, climbing carabiners, outdoor phone cases, sleeping bags, folding chairs, tents, walking sticks, water proof jackets ( men's/women's) , & paracord. USA suppliers only as I'm trying to cut down on shipping times. Thank you so much

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Hello @RMB 

Please check the below suppliers from USA




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We have a warehouse in US and we can help you to source your Camping & Outdoor niche. visit our site to know more

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I'm also working on the camping products like tent and other products. My store is hosted on Shopify store.

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Hi @RMB 

Please, check Syncee Marketplace:

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Hi @RMB 

We are providing best dropshipping suppliers to US ,Let visit our Appfreaker  it's a dropshipping app that gives you access to our suppliers like DhgateEtsyAmazon and Target .
We also have direct option like "Add to list " , "Edit details" to import products directly to your store with our app .

Pricing Automation: Pricing automation will be also available were you change the prices of product directly.

Auto Updating Inventory: The app checks suppliers items stock levels daily and keeps your items stock levels up to date.

Epacket shipping available for fast and reliable delivery.

Moreover, if you would like to implement the above customer engagement features in your store I suggest you to install Appfeaker .


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Hello @RMB,

Provide the best value possible suppliers



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You can check the following USA Camping & Outdoor Suppliers :




Bill Hicks Co.

You can buy ready to go USA Camping & Outdoor dropshipping store here :


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I don't think I can help you find a supplier for such things, but I have several friends who write articles about camping and tents. Take this article, for example -- I can give you their contacts because they have been selling camping-related products for about 20 years. I think it will be interesting for you to talk to them and get the information you need. I can talk to them if you need, but you will need to PM me. I hope this helps you somehow.