What are your biggest dropshipping failures?

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Just curious, as I am new in this - everyone either shares success stories or little problems here and there. But most of you have started and restarted many different stores - what have you learned from these experiences?

Worst items to ship?

Good ideas that can turn bad because you didn't think of...?


Please advise!

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The biggest challenge really is the process of finding the supplier. Once you are not able to find the trusted one and the orders are already coming from your customer yet you cannot make a purchase from your dropship supplier, it will be your shop which will get in trouble.

You can talk to your customers to make necessary arrangement but this is already a big inconvenience on your part; that is why from the beginning, you should be able to find a legit and trusted business partner.

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Hello friend,

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I believe I will be your legit and trusted business partner after a few communication.

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